7 thoughts on “[SBKD-0057] Momoka Okamoto”

  1. In the final scene, Momoka is pawing her boyfriend of who you see partially in back or along side of her. I must be a prude but I can do without the evidence of her great affection for the guy. There is one or two others, not her, who have recent videos where their boyfriend is present through most of the video although not continually. I must be a prude.

  2. I also agree, this also happened with some girls from Newstar group and it is hateful. It is necessary to leave the focus only on the model. In some videos, the U15 seems to want to be creative beyond the necessary. Often the simplest is more beautiful than the most creative. The best studios in the world thought so ..

  3. Just to venture a guess as to how these guys wrangled their way into the video, at that young age, I can hear the guy complaining about Momoka, others, displaying their bodies and advertising for attention. And then Momoka responds, no. Never! I will prove it. You will be in the video with me! I will see to it!

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