4 thoughts on “[SNM-033] Hina Sakuragi”

    1. I just tried the 4 files you reported, all works fine.
      I think your internet connection or the download stopped while you was downloading before it was complete. (so you had files that wasnt full size)

      I am so used to having 100/100 mbit internet with no internet problems, so I am not sure if it is common for other people. (it can happen for me, but havent happened for months or maybe even a year)

  1. It happens to me sometimes, the download stopping before the file is complete. But yes, the problem comes from my connection, the files are all fine. I just have to redownload the files when it happens and it always works the second times.
    I think it happens sometimes when I try to download a lot of files from Ryushare at the same time.

  2. This is common, especially in some countries with internet connection or less problematic. I’m from Brazil, we have one of the worst technological systems of the planet. (164ยบ in last ranking) the government provides only 10% of the contracted speed (ex: if paid for 100MB, receives only 10MB) Therefore, it worsens downloads. In America it improves a bit, but if you open the Torrent with Emule and still download the Ryushare certainly the connection will “kill” one or all at once (knocking its signal). The best countries in the world for downloads are Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. (All Asians) .. The west of world has many problems, unfortunately ..

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